We produce paper cones which are being used in all latest Autoconers of Textile Industry with various conicity including 5’57, 4’20 & 3’30, cone Nose and base printing, inside personalized logo printing with very good colour fastness and surface embossing with U, V & I notches.

Our Paper cones have minimum variation in weight to Enhance Yarn Value for high speed winding with latest Autoconers since the paper is produced with online scanner to monitor and regulate the weight per unit area.

Unicone is capable of meeting various package qualities including,

  • Better Dimensional stability
  • Minimum variation in thickness
  • Minimum variation in density
  • Minimum variation in weight within and between cones
  • Consistent crushing strength
  • Accommodate Maximum package content
  • Less moisture absorption property and resistance for deformation to withstand steaming process of textile industry
  • Very smooth unwinding in the subsequent process till the end of package which avoids wastages to Enhance Yarn Value

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